About Cella

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Marcella Zappia, but most people call me Cella. I am a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Professional Recovery Coach (International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches), public speaker and writer. As the radio show host of  “Cella’s Chat” you can still find my shows featured on Voice America’s Health and Wellness channel. I have guided people to heal through the power and beauty of movement as a NIA white belt instructor (a sensory based movement practice).  As an Ageless Grace Instructor (21 physical tools based on neuroplasticity which activates 5 functions of the brain), I am proud of my work helping many maintain everyday movements. This includes my work with a stroke victim to regain her motor skills after she was told there was nothing more that “western, modern medicine” could do for her.

With energy and passion, I worked in the legal profession for 28 years in the fast-paced world of litigation. I was always tackling the world on my own while my military husband was deployed, the last deployment together, however, was very different for myself and my former husband. My own personal battle began as the perfect storm of circumstances brewed together to create a maelstrom that initiated my downward spiral. Although I put up a good fight, this tempest was much stronger than my normally independent nature could handle. As this storm raged, I saw myself slowly fading away and I began the endless cycle of the doctor-go-round. Losing over 25 pounds and exhibiting every symptom imaginable, the doctors continued to suggest I had every conceivable auto-immune and chronic disease known to mankind. As the doctors sent me from one specialist to the next, I continued to hopelessly fade. Perhaps I would never have ended up feeling so overwhelmingly hopeless and helpless and decide that my only solution for my pain was to simply end my life. The reality is, and for millions of women like me, I thought that it was my personal obligation to be perfect and to take care of everyone’s needs but my own. That is exactly what I did up until May 13, 2008. A mother of two boys, working full time, and a military wife, I thought it was perfectly normal to run myself into the ground. The redeeming factor in this whole story is that I was truly reborn that fateful day. My success as an Inspirational Guide stems from my direct relationship with the oppressive and often hidden vices of depression and anxiety that I have conquered.  I realized that much of what affected me all of those years was learned survival skills as an Adult Child (ACoA – Adult Children of Alcoholics). Growing up surrounded by addiction and co-dependency, I realized I had become a “rescuer” and though this served me as a child, it destroyed me as an adult. My mission is to help others navigate the rough waters of addiction, co-dependency and become survivors!

Through my company, Nouveau Papillon, LLC, I coach people to help them achieve their goals and overcome the obstacles that have set them back.  My mission is to help others navigate the rough waters of addiction, co-dependency and become survivors! We all need a helping hand at times and, as a Coach, it is my job to guide you to discovering the answers which are sometimes hidden deep inside. As an ACoA, I truly understand the need to lend an understanding ear and a caring heart to help us wade through issues which may have affected us our whole lives. Let me help you find your personal empowerment today!