“Oh No, Not PowerPoint!”

Doing this interview with Steven Vrooman, PhD, was a lot of fun. So glad to be part of this next episode of his podcast series “Every Speaker has a Story,” This one is “Oh No, Not PowerPoint” and for every speaker out there, this contains lots of great advice and fun anecdote! Check it out! […]

“I’m Talking to You Addiction” – A Family Member’s Conversation with Addiction

Yeah, I’m talking to you Addiction. You think you are so clever, sneaking into people’s lives acting like you are so innocent; The life of the party you say, allowing people to think this is the way their time should be spent; It doesn’t matter which form you take – I don’t care if you […]

The Light Warriors Project – A Mission Fueled by Compassionate Service and Bringing Light Into People’s Lives

The first time I met Erin Marie Keigher was in September, 2014, while I was visiting my son, Josh, in California.  After spending several days in her presence, I knew when we parted that this woman, who exuded great passion and energy, was going to commit to something bigger than herself.  You know how you […]

Creativity Takes Courage! Stop Living Small!

As many of you know, I am living in Italy right now.  Not too shabby you say!   I live in the charming, historical city of Vicenza known for the architectural feats of Andrea Palladio (Jefferson modeled many of his architecture after Andrea Palladio’s designs).  It is located in the Northeastern part of the country between Venice and Verona.  It is […]

Addiction Sucks – Get the Facts!

I finally want to talk about the elephant in the room – addiction. For me, the addiction that has most affected my life since I was a little girl is drugs and alcohol. It sucks! Bottom line.  No cushy words to insulate the fact that this is the simple truth. I am tired of not […]

Cella’s Chat: “Radical Remission” – Dr. Kelly Turner’s Book on Healing from Cancer

The day Dr. Kelly Turner accepted my invitation to do my radio show, I was very pleased. I had recently read about her new book “Radical Remission – Surviving Cancer Against All Odds” about the untold stories of radical remissions around the world and the 9 key factors she found in each one of their […]

Cella’s Chat: A Dedication to My Friend and Mentor, Arnie Thomas

Whenever I queried about life and my purpose for being, Arnie was the person to turn to. Though I hadn’t known Arnie and his wonderful wife, Mary, for long, the connection was that of a lifetime. Arnie’s gift was that he listened deeply and passionately to whomever he was speaking. A conversation with Arnie always […]

Cella’s Chat – Change Your Water, Change Your Life

Kangen Water’s motto is “Change your water, change your life.”  Simple and true. What we put into our bodies can literally heal or harm us. Since our bodies are made up of 75% water, it makes sense that not only do we need to keep hydrated, but our bodies need to achieve optimal pH balance in […]

Cella’s Chat: Can Nutrition Heal Depression, BiPolar and Other Mood Disorders? Try Truehope’s EMPowerplus™

This past week I was lucky enough to interview Anthony Stephan, the Co-Founder of Truehope, about their ultra-popular EMPowerplus™ product on my show, Cella’s Chat  to talk about the true devastation mood disorders can reap on a family and the information that the pharmaceutical companies simply do not want you to know. Nutrition: Finding a […]

Cella’s Chat: Minerals, Does Your Body Have Enough? Part II

I had many inquiries after my show this past week on Cella’s Chat regarding the healing benefits of hot mineral springs and why our bodies need minerals to thrive and stay healthy.  The sheer fact that minerals are the pre-cursor to a healthy body and immune system, I think, was news to many people.  In […]