Cella’s Chat: Minerals, Does Your Body Have Enough? Part I

Many of us never have the opportunity to experience a mineral spring and the great benefits.   This blog post will be a two part series – Part I provides my personal experience and the definition of what a mineral spring is as well as the history.  Part II will contain the benefits, why our […]

Cella’s Chat: Are You Performing Random Acts of Kindness?

February 10-16th is Random Acts of Kindness week and I think it is a perfect time to get your nice on!  Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness?  You know, that kind person that lets you step in line in front of them, the person who pays for your coffee […]

Cella’s Chat: Do You Recognize Power and Control in Domestic Violence Situations?

 As I sit here with tears of disbelief after watching a documentary on domestic violence (“Crime After Crime” or “Telling Amy’s Story” are two powerful documentaries to watch on this subject), I am stirred and moved to talk and bring awareness to this subject.  Many people know that my passion is speaking about suicide prevention […]

Cella’s Chat: Reflecting on 2013

It was only yesterday that I was looking forward to what 2013 would bring to our lives.  Or, so it seemed like yesterday now that we are quickly approaching 2014.  The ability to look back on the past year allows us to ponder such thoughts such as “are we on the right path,” “were there […]

Cella’s Chat: Gratitude – Can It Really Change Your Life?

Do you realize how gratitude can change your life? How does gratitude promote well-being? I make it a practice to say five things I am grateful for daily. I never could have imagined this simple habit could change my life as it has, bringing positive results in every way. Today I sat for a moment […]

Cella’s Chat: What Does Your Past Reveal?

I have always felt it was important to leave the past exactly where it should be…in the past. However, this weekend I came across some long forgotten, but definitely eye-opening, letters and journals I didn’t even remember I had. As I started to clean out bins of things I could finally let go of, it […]

Cella’s Chat: From Death’s Door to Rebirth, Yes Life IS Worth Living

In my post titled “How Did I Get Here,” I mentioned there was a silver lining, but before the silver lining could be seen, life had to totally shake me up and throw me down.  So, now I had been hit with the horrible word “depression” and I didn’t know what to do with that.  After all, my […]

Cella’s Chat: Is Detoxing for You?

Detoxing or fasting, can be quite controversial. Two years ago I did a five day juice fast – mostly green juices.  I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy to not “chew” food and drink it instead, but it was a great way of jump starting my system and helping my body rid itself of cravings such […]

Cella’s Chat: Manifesting Works, Try It!

As people who know me would attest to, I talk about manifesting all the time. My kids sometimes get a little over mom’s “rah rah” talk because, let’s face it, isn’t it easier to wallow in your stuff than to try to turn your life around?  Turning our lives around takes some work and who […]

Walking Out of the Darkness – A Walk for Suicide Awareness and Prevention

As September is Suicide Awareness month, I thought it was appropriate to “dust” off this blog I wrote two years ago, before I moved to Italy. At that time, I participated in the “Out of the Darkness” walk with both my stepdaughter, Ashley, and my friend and fellow attempt survivor, Renee. This walk is an […]