Cella’s Chat: Meditation – It’s Not for Sissies

Human instinct is to run from the pain.  I get it – who wants to “feel” the pain, but part of healing and spiritual growth is being ok with going deep inside and confronting these feelings.  In order to change and evolve, we have to challenge what is familiar to us and this change often […]

Cella’s Chat: You Are Perfect The Way You Are – There is No Normal!

I was recently asked by someone to attend an NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meeting with them. As a Recovery Coach, I support their recovery and was very glad to attend the meeting.  I do not normally agree to go to meetings with clients, however, this was a family member and my love and support was important to them. […]

Cella’s Chat: Susan’s Journey – a Story of Hope Recovering from a Stroke

If you had told me that I would be part of anyone’s healing and recovery, especially a stroke survivor’s, after 28 years working in law, I would have scoffed at the idea.  I thought I was “stuck” in the reality of living an inauthentic life of doing something that left me without passion.  Wrong!  After […]

Cella’s Chat: What’s Your Definition of Happiness?

Walking through this life, my definition of happiness has changed drastically.  When I was in my 20’s, I thought the key to happiness was to live what most people would term “The American Dream.”  You know, that crazy notion of a perfect marriage, white picket fence, beautiful (and most perfect) children, a dream job and bliss […]

Cella’s Chat: Exploring the Eastern Shore of Virginia

How amazing to me that I have traveled up and down the Route 13 corridor of the Eastern Shore of Virginia since 1993 and I never slowed down my pace enough to truly “see” what is around me. I am embarrassed to admit to myself that I was too much in a hurry to stop and explore. […]

Depression to Suicide – An Attempt Survivor’s Advice

So, let’s talk about a tough subject – suicide.  The word itself elicits a shudder and evokes many emotions.  A stigma to people who have attempted and not “succeeded” and to families who have been affected directly.  Here are the facts – according to the website www.sos-walk.org: The latest statistics reported an all time high with […]