Cella’s Chat: Gratitude – Can It Really Change Your Life?

Do you realize how gratitude can change your life? How does gratitude promote well-being? I make it a practice to say five things I am grateful for daily. I never could have imagined this simple habit could change my life as it has, bringing positive results in every way. Today I sat for a moment […]

Cella’s Chat: What’s Your Definition of Happiness?

Walking through this life, my definition of happiness has changed drastically.  When I was in my 20’s, I thought the key to happiness was to live what most people would term “The American Dream.”  You know, that crazy notion of a perfect marriage, white picket fence, beautiful (and most perfect) children, a dream job and bliss […]

Depression to Suicide – An Attempt Survivor’s Advice

So, let’s talk about a tough subject – suicide.  The word itself elicits a shudder and evokes many emotions.  A stigma to people who have attempted and not “succeeded” and to families who have been affected directly.  Here are the facts – according to the website www.sos-walk.org: The latest statistics reported an all time high with […]