Forgiveness – Wading Through the Lessons

Like a rainbow sending me a message (and what a rainbow it was!), excitement is stirring as this week also marked a solar eclipse which inspired the closing of old doors and fears and opening up new doors.  The saying of “let go and let God” I never understood so much as I do now. […]

Are You Utilizing Time Management?

Time management.  I never really thought about this before.  Stepping out into the new zone of working my passion is – well – work!  My body is used to getting up daily for the past 28 years working a set 9-5 job (ok, more like 9-6+ – they are lawyers after all!).  Believing this was […]

Nia – Nurturing More Than Your Body

Walking this new path as a Nia Instructor (oh- and blog writer) – I realize that this journey is so much more than I could have ever imagined.  The beautiful and powerful connections I make with others daily inspire me.  So many people ARE my story – the story I was before I found Nia […]

Embrace Solutions – Walk Your Talk

The day I walked out of my corporate job in a law firm, I decided it was time to live my passion by embracing solutions.  What do I mean by embracing solutions?  I mean walking your talk, not just talking it.  Here’s the question, what do you want to do with your life?  What sparks […]

Finding Healing Through Nia

  My energy is so high, I can feel the static electricity standing my hair on end.  Preparing myself for the “Passion” routine my partner and soul sista, Kacey and I have been working on for our upcoming Friends and Family Workshop, I feel exhilarated at the prospect of joining a community of people together […]

Living from the "I AM"

 My stepdaughter told me the other day that I should blog about this. We had just been talking about how powerful the words “I AM” are in manifesting what you desire. “I AM abundant,” “I AM healthy,” “I AM joyful.” It’s about stating your truth to the Universe. And, it is about the statement and […]

From Corporate World to Life’s Passion

I woke up on Friday and my soul said…”just do it!”  I was literally having this running conversation in my head “go for it, live your passion” and then the next minute “no, you can’t, you are Ms. Miserably Responsible.”  Ugh…that was it!  I was being miserably responsible!  How could I tell others to live […]

Never Defeated, Alway Empowered

I woke up the other morning with words vividly etched in my head…”never defeated, always empowered.”  Those words echoed in my heads and stuck with me like a bottle of Gorilla glue!  I thought intently on these words thinking of my current life circumstances.  So many wonderful changes but there IS still a major life […]

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

Let’s talk nutrition. I mean, you cannot heal your outside if you are not healing your inside. For example, I discovered there was no magic pill for crawling out of the Epstein Barr virus (nor many other illnesses) except rest, hydration, supplementation and proper nutrition. Though I had already started this food adventure, I had […]

Is There Anybody in There?

I want to jump ahead and reveal the fait accompli – the “how did I get where I am” part of the story, but my logical mind tells me not to allow gaps in this saga.  I promise – it makes the whole story so delicious to regurgitate it as a timeline!  So, as I […]