“I’m Talking to You Addiction” – A Family Member’s Conversation with Addiction

Yeaimage for recoveryh, I’m talking to you Addiction.

You think you are so clever, sneaking into people’s lives acting like you are so innocent;

The life of the party you say, allowing people to think this is the way their time should be spent;

It doesn’t matter which form you take –

I don’t care if you are prescribed, off the street or in a bottle and called legal;

Acting like you had all the answers, you came swooping in like a valiant Eagle;

Pretending you were a friend and cared;

But let’s face it, no one gets spared;

Innocent teenagers trying to find their way in the world get introduced to you as their coolest new friend;

Next thing they know, they’re hooked and all they cared about before gets pushed behind as you become their new trend;

Dreams get dashed, innocence gets trashed and you just laugh;

Not caring one bit about their wellbeing or straight path;

You play a big part in creating dependence on a chemical that now becomes their chronic disease;

While parents and family members beg and plead;

You revel in the fact that your victims become the walking dead;

And the people who love them become co-dependent;

As the addict now is fixated with their next binge;

We are left fixated on the addict and become unhinged;

The word on the street is that if people don’t sober up, they might just get locked up or covered up;

But, we got your number and we won’t give up;

Recovery is lifelong and not an easy road;

But a family member’s love is the only code;

Just a few days sober and we will get a glimpse;

Of the hope that still lingers inside our addict’s heart and is revealed through their lips;

Addiction – you think you got the only spin;

You don’t know how strong we are – we won’t let you win!

                                       – A Poem of Personal Pain for the One’s I love – by Cella Zappia


  1. Raymond Hernandez says:

    Brava, courageous. Hit the nail on the head. It’s never about one person but of generations to come. Thank you.

    • Thank you Raymond. This is a tough subject that affects more people than we know. It is a family disease that every person needs to recover from. You are right, it is a cycle that can be repeated for generations if family’s do not recovery! Marcella

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