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“You are Never Too Old to Set a New Goal or Dream a New Dream.” C.S. Lewis

Inspiration starts right here. Living your life fully, feeling moved and inspired, totally abundant and ready to heal on all levels. Life is always full of challenges but we are not defined by those challenges. Coaching is a great tool for people who find themselves stagnant and not being able to move forward. We, as human beings, often get stuck “in our own way” and prevent ourselves from living a life that we deserve. Whether I am coaching people with active addictions or in recovery, the goals are the same – to provide support, tools, inspiration and a listening ear to allow people to produce extraordinary results in their lives. As a coach, I do not affirm one particular way of healing or achieving sobriety or abstinence in your life.  I am here to help guide you to sustain a meaningful life. As a client, it is up to you to create the intentions and actions you are looking for to create a healthy life with a strong foundation.

During our sessions you choose the topics of conversation and the path you want to pursue in your life while I listen and contribute through questions and observations.  Allow me to accelerate your progress through helping you to enhance your learning, improve your performance and achieve your goals!

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