TGBelardi_smIn preparation for the radio show, Cella expertly guided us through the show’s format, key points to cover, and the sequence of the interview and discussion of the topic. She was very thorough in covering all aspects of the program and instilled a high level of confidence in us to fully convey the essence of our topic.

During the actual show, Cella facilitated an easy going and comfortable “chat” while drawing information from us as an expert interviewer. Her keen interest in our topic created an exciting atmosphere of informative interaction with Cella’s targeted clarifications guiding the discussion.

Cella’s preparation for our show, her interviewing acumen, and her passion in helping her audience understand our topic were key components resulting in a very enjoyable and successful experience for us on Cella’s Chat. Cella brings a fresh voice and perspective to talk radio with a commanding overview of the topics. We look forward to listening to more Cella’s Chat shows and certainly being guests again on a future program!


–Dr. Greg & Therese Belardi
Kangen Water,– Change Your Water… Change Your Life!


LailaSherylsmMarcella Zappia of Cella’s Chat on VoiceAmerica.com Health and Wellness Channel is committed to helping others. She’s a heart-centered, well prepared radio host with a gift for asking just the right questions to be of highest service to her listeners and her guests. Cella cares. It shows. And her caring makes for powerful radio. Thank you, Cella, for doing what you do. You make a difference.

–Sheryl Lynn-Host,– http://www.GlowWithTheFlow.com Free Teleseminar Series

Author, Blogger, Activation Expert, and Animal Guardian to Laila


As an author who has been interviewed on nearly one hundred radio and TV programs, I found my experience with Cella on Cella’s Chat to be delightful. Cella did her research and knew my material. That alone is a joy for authors. Her enthusiasm, interesting questions, insightful comments and positively supportive attitude made my experience most enjoyable and engaging. Feedback also demonstrated that the easy back-and-forth flow of our rapport was uplifting, entertaining and engaging for listeners. Cella’s Chat is spot on for a subject of blossoming importance to many. I highly recommend Cella and am confident she will increasingly attract and grow a loyal audience.

–Robert Simon Siegel,– MS-Author: Thieves of Eden (fiction thriller and graphic novel);
Six Seconds to True Calm – Thriving Skills for 21st Century Living (non-fiction);
and the training program: ENERGY HEALTH – The Future of Wellness



Thank you, Cella, for a wonderful interview.
I enjoyed our time together very much.
It was all so very heartfelt and a REAL conversation
where you shared your expertise
and compassion, which made the interview extra meaningful.
I know your audience must love listening to your show!


–Dean Shrock,– Ph.D.



Marcella Zappia is a seasoned professional addressing topics that are timely and important for the public to be aware of. She is deeply passionate on the subject of depression, suicide awareness and prevention.Marcella wants her listeners to get past the stigma associated with these neurological imbalances. Her radio show, Chella’s Chat provides cutting edge interviews with leading experts on the topic so her audience becomes informed about alternative therapies. She offers hope for those suffering from mood disorders so they can reclaim a wholesome, healthy mental, emotional, and fulfilling life.

–Leslie Carol Botha,– Host of Holy Hormones on Voice America’s Health and Wellness Channel


JayneDabuCella Zappia is such a joy to work with as a Radio Show Host. She is enthusiastic, warm, personable and very professional to work with. Cella’s dynamic personality and stellar hosting abilities allow topics to be relatable and easy to grasp for her listeners. She asks the questions that are on everyone’s minds. The compassion and interest she has in health and well-being is exemplified in all her shows. Cella Zappia is a true gift to furthering the healing of humanity. –

— Jayne F. Dabu, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., — Radio Show Host for Lotus Radio, Nourishing Life & Owner of Lotus Acupuncture and Holistic Health Clinic


winston pricesm“Working with Marcella as her Executive Producer on her show Cella’s Chat on The VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network has been nothing less than amazing and inspirational. Marcella uses her show Cella’s Chat as a vehicle to not only share her deep wealth of knowledge and empowering experiences, but also to give a sound and clear voice for survivors and those who are in need of aid.

Marcella brings all of herself to every show and to all of everything she does. Listening to her you can hear the caring, and feel the warmth and love she has for her cause and for her listening audience. Marcella truly is a full guiding beacon for all. No matter who you are, and where you are in your life’s journey, Marcella provides us with a divining rod that helps us navigate ourselves to the greatest self we can be for ourselves and the people we hold the most dear.

I am proud to be her Executive Producer and am blessed to have her in my life.”

Winston Price, Executive Producer, VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network


Arnie'spicsmI recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Cella Zappia on Cella’s Chat on Voice America’s Health and Wellness channel. After the segment was over, I had the biggest smile on my face because Cella was able to capture most of my key thoughts on leadership and she did it in a very non-threatening and authentic style. Cella is able to bring a unique dynamic to her interviews because she is not only knowledgeable of the topic but also the makeup of the person being interviewed. This combination equals an entertaining and meaningful experience for everyone.

Arnie Thomas, President and CEO of A Thomas Group, LLC


On behalf of Deborah Davis and myself I just want to express my appreciation
and love for your coming out to speak with the SVA. As always I am awed by your
powerful gift of sharing about suicide, depression and transformation in a way
that is positive and non judgmental. Staff and faculty were deeply moved.

Jacquelyn K. Jackson, The Art Institute of Virginia Beach