The Light Warriors Project – A Mission Fueled by Compassionate Service and Bringing Light Into People’s Lives

The Light Warriors ProjectThe first time I met Erin Marie Keigher was in September, 2014, while I was visiting my son, Josh, in California.  After spending several days in her presence, I knew when we parted that this woman, who exuded great passion and energy, was going to commit to something bigger than herself.  You know how you meet some people and they just exude an aura that says “I have something to do and I won’t let anything stop me?”  That is exactly how I felt after meeting Erin.  A teacher by trade, after traveling to many places, her calling took her to Africa.  She was originally inspired to pursue her purpose through the Amala Foundation which “inspires people to grow as individuals and leaders in service to humanity.”  Erin knew that her purpose was to be of benefit to those who need extra love and light.  Through Erin’s various travels and connections to people on her path, she was eventually lead to Kenya in January, 2014, where she was, through a series of auspicious events, guided to Sea Horse Primary, a school that literally was being taught under the “largest mango tree” by two teachers with 105 students.  Yes, that is the correct number!  These children were hungry to learn and to be involved in community.  Erin knew right then and there that this is where her heart belonged and where she could and would make a difference.  She felt like this was the “sign” she was waiting for and in that moment it was hard to harness her emotions.

The Light Warriors Project is Founded

Kenya (and generally speaking all countries) has corruption, but that would not stop Erin from coming back to the United States, rallying people and funds together to go back to Kenya in May, 2015, to bring supplies and build a school.  Though this was a very simple structure, it was a place the children and teachers could gather together and call their own.  Not only was this Erin’s first project, but the beginning of her “baby” – The Light Warriors Project, a non-profit organization she has birthed that “unites philanthropists across the globe to serve in places that need extra love and light.  Focusing on education and permaculture” ( As Erin puts it, she knew this was her “chosen path, the path of a light warrior” (beautifully articulated in Paolo Coelho’s book ‘The Warrior of the Light’).  As Sea Horse Primary is now thriving with the continued help from others, the Light Warriors Project is now working on their second and most exciting project.  With the help from Steve and Linnet Mrabu, two extremely motivated, passionate and educated Kenyan’s, who are also committed to making a difference for the children in that area of Kenya, this exciting project has now taken root.  Linnet has a background in Montessori training and dreams of incorporating educating children with teaching them permaculture and farming.

An Outsider’s Viewpoint

My son, Josh, had first-hand experience serving with The Light Warriors Project at Morning Star Junior Academy, at Camp Penzi in January, 2016. It was the first time ever that these children used paints to express their creativity…  they also danced, started conversations about the meaning of love, respect, community and honesty and expressed stories through improvisation.  Josh conveyed how these children were excited to learn and said their enthusiasm was contagious.  Change not only occurred in the childrens’ lives, but it changed the lives of those who participated.  After only two days, Josh said it inspired him like nothing else had thus far.  He realized that it is when we give that we receive so much more.

The Project’s Goals

The Light Warriors Project has many goals, the most important of which is fulfilling a five year goal of purchasing its own property by May, 2017 ($25,000); May, 2018 – Construction of Morning Star Academy will begin, and May, 2019 – Children will finally relocate to their new building and permanent school.

Gratitude Gathering – Fundraiser in Austin, TX, Feb. 21, 2016

These projects cannot come to light unless we, as a world community, come together to make things happen.  So, we need YOUR help!  It starts with each one of us having a commitment to something greater than we are.  On February 21, 2016 there was a Gratitude Gathering in Austin, Texas at WHIP IN, with live music, a silent Auction and raffle, the money raised will be donated towards the process and legalization of making The Light Warriors Project a registered Non Profit in the USA. Once registered, individuals and companies will be able to donate and receive a Tax ID code to claim it on their taxes.

The fundraiser goals to be reached by May 2017 is $25,000 which will be used to buy land and renovate a school building.  The Light Warriors Project is launching a crowd-funding campaign during early May (they are waiting on their Tax ID code to come through).

Check out and see how you can contribute to this great cause!  Giving whether by service, fundraising or spreading the word always becomes bigger than we are. Remember, we are all “One Village.”

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”  Mother Teresa


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